ROME, 3th OCTOBER 2014

The Workshop

IIS Belluzzi-Fioravanti

A workshop for 8 to 14 years old students based on Arduino programming.
Arduino kits will be provided to the participants
The turorial will be held in English by an ICT student
The participants will be helped by ICT students who, as mentors, will provide assistance and suggestions
The workshop will be held on Friday 3rd October from 4.45 pm to 6.45 pm

About Us

IIS Belluzzi-Fioravanti

Techiewear Team is a mixed team: third, fourth and fifth class students (aged 17- 19) attending a specializing course in Computer Science /ICT at IIS Belluzzi-Fioravanti and their ICT teachers.
The project has been developed as an extra curricular activity. Students have used skills developed in their dailly curricular school work, carrying out tasks, sharing, interacting and developing parts of the project on an individual basis or in groups.